Bengali Poila Baisakh 2022 Date, Pictures, Wishes, Message, SMS Greetings

Bengali Poila Baisakh 2022 Date, Pictures, Wishes, Message, SMS Greetings

Those of you who want to know the date of Bengali year according to English date will follow this post on our website today. For those who do not understand the similarity between English date and Bengali date, this date has been highlighted on our website.

Usually we use English date a lot as our country’s educational institutions and various types of institutional activities depend on English date. So many people now have no idea about Bengali month and Bengali date. However, there are many among you who know that the Bengali year is about to start anew. But if you want to know how many dates are going on in Bengal today, you will see a separate post on our website.

Bangla Noboborsho Date 2022

However, as Bengalis, it is true that many of us do not know the Bengali date and do not work according to the Bengali date. As a result, the use of Bengali date has decreased in us. So you may not understand when the Bengali year is going to start. We know that spring is in full swing and so is Chaitra. But many people do not know the date of Chaitra and the date on which the first Baishakh will start.

Those of you who want to know the date of Bangla Pahela Baishakh 2022 must post this and find out important information about the new day of Bengali year. The time will not change as it is held on 365 days of Bengali year and English year. That is, Pahela Baishakh will be observed at the time when Pahela Baishakh is celebrated every year and according to that rule, Pahela Baishakh of 2022 will be observed on 14th April. Those of you who are going to celebrate the first Baishakh on the 14th of April, prepare with all your heart from now on.

Pohela Boishakh 2022 Bangladesh

Although the culture that is observed for the celebration of Pahela Baishakh like every year will not be observed this year, you can still send greetings to your friends. They will be very happy when they greet their friends on the first Baishakh in the new year. Besides, if you wish someone well, the person will wish you the same kind of happiness.

So when you know the English date of the first Baishakh, all the greeting messages that you will send to your friends will be collected in advance and it will be possible to send them at the right time. We will appear in front of you again with another post on our website with the message of Pohela Boishakh i.e. Happy New Year.

How rich the Bengalis are in culture and how beautifully they observe the culture can be understood in a very beautiful way on the first Baishakh. On the first day of Boishakh, people go out wearing beautiful colorful clothes and in the morning they start with Panta Hilsa and preserve the Bengali tradition. Everybody spends these days of Pohela Boishakh happily and thinks of it as a special day of the year.

Although not every store has opened a new year book and introduced halakhata like in the previous days, this practice is still in use in many shops and this rule is still followed. So for those of you who are thinking about the date of Pahela Baishakh and you may have arranged various activities according to that day, our website has given you an idea about the date of Pahela Baishakh.

So, as a Bengali, you can send good wishes to your friends to celebrate this first Baishakh, or you can start a business through halakhata by opening a new account book.

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