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Bangla Date Today: Today’s Bangla date is a trending topic currently in the World for Bengali Language speaking people.

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Bangla Date

Bangla date is very important. It helps us in many aspects. Bengali calendar is very traditional calendar which is introduced by Emperor Akbar.






বাংলা ক্যালেন্ডার ২০২২ আজকের তারিখ

Bangla Date Today

To Hindu people, it is very important because they perform their rituals by following Bengali calendar. All the puja and parbons(Festival) are arranged according to Bengali calendar.

It also helps them who believes in astronomy. Major religious festivals of Hindu religion are performed according to this calendar.

To Muslim people, who don’t have access to Hijri calendar performs some of Islamic rituals by following Bengali Calendar. They are mostly illiterate person who lives in village and have no access to the wave of information.

It has long tradition from its first introduction during the rule of Emperor Akbar. He collects taxes from his people by depending on Bengali date.

The first day of Bengali calendar is known as Pahela Boishakh which is celebrated throughout Indian subcontinent.

Bangla Date Today

Update: From January 4 2021 we are updating this article on daily basis to provide you correct date and time.

According to Bengali calendar today’s Bangla date is given below. This date is applicable for Indian subcontinent like Bangladesh and some regions of India.

This date is based on Bengali calendar made by India and Bangladesh government. From the beginning this calendar is edited many times.

Bangladesh government modified the Bengali calendar in 2018 for building a connection to west calendar. This modification receives praise from the Bengali speaking people all over the world.

Bangla Date Today in Bangladesh

Most probably you know that Bengali calendar is different of Bangladesh from India. Recently Bangladesh government has made some change in Bengali calendar.

But the difference is slight. Because only one day is changed from the past or old calendar. It is done to make a collection of holidays.

The Bengali calendar is most used in agriculture in Bangladesh. From ancient times the Bengali calendar has been the only diary for the uneducated working people of Bangladesh.

All work related to agriculture is done according to the Bengali calendar. Everything from sowing crops to hatching crops is done on accordance to the date of Bengali calendar. Also various cultural festivals like Pahela Baishakh or Nabanna Utsav are celebrated according to the Bengali calendar.

Bangla Date Today in India

In India Bangla calendar is very popular. Because they perform their puja Festival in accordance to Bengali calendar. Mainly in three regions of India follow Bengali calendar. And they are Kolkata, Assam and Tripura.

Here we are going to show you the exact Bangla date of India today.

The role of Bengali Date in astrology is immense. Astrologers determine the momentum according to the Bengali calendar. Astrologers use the Bengali calendar to determine horoscopes. Also various ceremonies such as marriage or worship performed according to Bengali calendar in India. So Bengali date is very much important to the life of Indian Bengali people.

Events in This Month

There are some important events in this month. Now I am going to show you some upcoming events happening in this Bangla month.

Eid-e-Milad un-Nabi: This is an Islamic event celebrated on the memory of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Birthday. This occasion is celebrated on 12 Rabi ul awal. Last year it was celebrated on 15 November.

Durga Puja: Durga Puja also called Durgotsava is a religious festival of Hindu. The event takes 5 days to complete. In 2021 it is going to be celebrated from October 22 to October 26. This is one of the greatest religious events for Hindu community.

Pohela Falgun: Pohela Falgun is cultural event for Bengali community in Bangladesh and India. This event is celebrated on the very first day of Falgun. It is a colourful festival for Bengali speaking people.

Nabanna Festival: This is very old festival for Bengali people. It is one of the most enjoyable cultural function of Bengali community throughout the world. Nabanna festival is celebrated in the month of Agrahayan. Harvesting Festival is another name of this cultural festival.

Name of Bangla 12 Month

There are twelve months in Bangla year calendar. They are as follows,

  1. Baishakh
  2. Joishţho
  3. Ashaaŗh
  4. Shrabon
  5. Bhadro
  6. Ashswin
  7. Kartik
  8. Ôgrohaeon
  9. Poush
  10. Magh
  11. Falgun
  12. Choitro

The total number of days is 360. So this 360 days constitutes Bengali year.

Six Bangla Seasons

Most probably you know that there are six season in Bangladesh. Different season has different characteristics. No season is same. Here we are going to discuss about six season.

Bangla Six Season Name:

At first learn the names of six season.

  1. Grishmo
  2. Bôrsha
  3. Shôrot
  4. Hemonto
  5. Šheet
  6. Bôshonto

English of Bengali Six Season:

Let’s learn English translation of Bangla 6 season.

  • Grishmo – Summer
  • Bôrsha – Wet season|Rainy (Monsoon)
  • Shôrot – Autumn
  • Hemonto – Dry season|Late Autumn
  • Šheet – Winter
  • Bôshonto – Spring

Bangla Koto Tarikh

Apni ki Jante chan ajke Bangla Koto Tarikh? Then you are on the right place. Because we are going to show you the exact Tarikh of Bangla calendar.

Do you know how to check Bangla tarikh from our website? If you don’t know then read the instruction from below.

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The website will show you today’s Bangla date instantly.

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